It’s in the simplest things…

I don’t measure happiness by the material things I have around me, but in the riches I feel inside.

It’s not about the possessions we own, but the ones we share.

It’s not about the gifts we buy but the ones we give.

One of the characters I met  last week, in my new short story, said how she wanted to take all the bad noises; the moans and the sobs and the BANGS and put them in a box and bury them so all that’s left is a soft buzz deep in the earth that can’t hurt you. And she’d like to take all the good sounds, like children’s excited Christmas chitter chatter, and put them in a bottle she could let them out like an audio mosaic of sound when she needed to feel happy.

I like that.

She taught me how happiness is a feeling that needs to be shared. And as we approach a time of year that seems blighted with consumerism it’s something worth thinking about.

That is my message for this week.

Have fun. Remember to smile even if you don’t feel like it. And make your own happiness.

What excitement will this week bring?





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