The Highs and Lows of Being Freelance

I took the plunge to follow the dream in 2010 and so next year marks five years, which hardly seems possible. I left the job in the January and immediately started to build the business, officially launching later in the year. It has never ceased to amaze me that the work has kept coming and how recommendations form a large part of that; and repeat business. But of course I also love to hear from new clients. I also love the successes and happy emails I get quite regularly when clients place their work, so I have no doubt that it is making a difference 🙂 What a lovely life. And of course I am so grateful for the wonderful things that have happened to me on this journey since I chose to LIVE THE DREAM. Always a breath away from something else wonderful about to happen!

I remember my dad freelancing and the times when work was scarce and I guess if you have a family to feed that can be more worrying. This is the first time when work has been as thin on the ground, as it seems to be now, for as long. There seems to be a dribble of jobs but there are things building in the pipeline so before long I will be back to the usual wondering how to get it all done scenario. I hope. But it is slightly disconcerting. I also hope my house rents soon as that will help too. It’s a wonderful life, but it can be a little scary at times when this happens 😦

Ever the optimist I visualise those emails coming in with work, and becoming inundated. Maybe today.

Oh and if anyone is following #findjasper, the dog I talked about yesterday, he is sadly still missing, so let’s hope for good news there too.

Right, time to write, right?


Have a good day everyone!





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4 responses to “The Highs and Lows of Being Freelance

  1. Keep the faith, Debz. I’m sure things will pick up again soon and you will be rushed of your feet and no time to work on your novel. Perhaps you can pay for your rent by doing the washing up and housework if things get too tough. Just a thought 🙂 Best wishes to your Mum & Dad

  2. Hi Debz, I saw some jobs advertised on Linked In the other day and here is one you might be interested in (freelance proofreader)

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