Publisher Hat on and Workloads!

I now have some editing work after a bit of a slow time and some more due in soon so I hope things are picking up!

But in a way is has meant I have been able to devote my working time almost exclusively to the various publishing projects in the current proverbial pipeline! The end of the year for me as a publisher is a busy time.

After selecting and editing my chosen stories in the Bridge House Collection the book is now in its final proof ready for the printer — thanks to Gill and Martin. I am bogged under with proofing so thank goodness the authors also get to check their stories as my time is limited. Great job guys!

With Paws I have two books: Wild n Free Forever which needs a proof read before I upload it to the printer, I am alone on that one so anyone fancy proofing, shout! Don’t all shout at once! It’s all for charity of course and I can only give a free book for your help!

The Poetry book has been a lot of work and has taken a lot of time as we are up against it with the process taking longer than I thought, so it is now with Bridge House’s designer who has offered to set it for free, but since it’s just under 100 poems, 32 illustrations, 7 photos and logos, book covers in ads, there is a lot of messing I fear! But I know we will get there!

My biggest fears are getting the names wrong when you have to spell so many unusual names from around the world, and with poems editing and checking layouts etc meant individual emails to all, it’s great but a LONG process! The good news is we are getting closer…

I love the small press things I do, they taught me not only about writing itself, but copy editing, proofing, layouts and I feel, that with tiny presses, it’s what they do at the big publishing houses, just on a smaller scale! And you get to learn process! Project management I guess. Love it!

Of course we do all of this for free and while I lose money with Wild n Free projects (hence having a break after this year — boo) I do it for love and the proceeds go to a good cause! With Bridge House we get a free Christmas dinner every year. But as I have said before, it’s not always about the money. Do it from the heart.

So this isn’t intended as a rant, when I see those children at the two launch events holding their books I will know it has all been worthwhile! Same with the adults at the Bridge House event, in fact I will be at a lot of events!

BTW: still tickets to the Bridge House Launch Party £16 a ticket in London, buffet and one free drink included. We will be talking all things publishing in a panel discussion, power to the short story, so if you fancy it, here’s the link: December 6th (Saturday):   LINK

And there are still places on my free Wild n Free Forever party for the children here: LINK

Have a great Thursday!

Here’s the cover by the way! Cover artist, Year 8’s Morgan Joy Ashby from Scotland!

Wild n Free Forever Cover (Final)



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2 responses to “Publisher Hat on and Workloads!

  1. Mandy Davies

    I’m happy to proof read for you. Unless you need someone with experience in which case I would understand if you said no. If you want me then just let me know xxx

  2. Thank you so much for the offer. You did a great job on mine last time. Sent it to you with some guidelines! HUGE thanks x x x x

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