When Angels Look Over You

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I often have to work on Sundays, so it made a refreshing change to have  the whole weekend off.

I did have a mad and very busy ending to the week with all the work on the Born Free Poetry book, so it makes sense. And while I relaxed, some new ideas for short stories started swirling again. But I need to finish this current draft of the novel before I can indulge in some short story writing. .

Tomorrow it’s nine years since I lost Lee, in fact the 20th October is the day we brought him home, he just lived into the early hours of the 21st. How the years have come and gone, yet the events of those weeks, that day, our heartbreaking goodbye remain as vivid as when it all happened.

People say you don’t get over these things, you just get through them, but in a funny way you do get over them; you get over the shock and the all-consuming grief that took over your life for two/three years. If you didn’t you would never move forward or get on with your life. But you never get over the fact it had to happen, and it left a hole in your life that you can never fill.

Writing gives me happiness. It gives me power to endue. It makes my life worth the fight. It gives me strength.

Writing helps to make sense of the madness that is this world we live in.

On the 8th anniversary, October 21st,  last year, I first got to hold a copy of While No One Was Watching for the very first time and to see the dedication to Lee. 8 is my lucky number. Three years before that on an anniversary I found out my first ever short story had been accepted. There is odd synergy at work there. Some might say it’s simply a matter of perception and interpretation; others as meaning something. I like to go with the latter view, because true or not it makes me feel better; stronger; that all of this means something important.

We need to know we’re on the right path and so many messages have said that to me.

So let’s wait for the next piece of wonderful news to come. Because it will if you believe. And work hard!

Everything means something.

Make sure you remember that.

We are all important, and we are always a breath away from a miracle.

Did you hear your angel today?

(This book I selected and edited the stories for and actually have a story in it myself called Fallen. I often forget about this book and about the story, yet I actually felt a real connection to all the stories in here. It’s special. Give it a try …)


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  1. Looks like a good one…I’ll add it to my wish list!

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