Just keep dancing …

I tell people I have been dancing since I found out my novel was being published and when I won the Bath Short Story Award and I think it’s true. Last year was an amazing year and as October kicks in and at last some Autumnal weather my thoughts drift back to this time last year when I was making preparations for the launch of While No One Was Watching. A very exciting time.

I want to keep the momentum going but my agent is so busy I am still waiting to hear what she thinks of the next one. Being a writer has taught me an important lesson: patience. So now I am dancing — patiently. And I still need people to know about my novel so lots more promoting to do. While small presses (Bridge House and Paws is the same) move onto the next one, we the authors need to keep peddling.

One of the expectations of a lot of successful writers is to be on that proverbial treadmill dancing out another book, often two, three a year. I don’t want to be that kind of writer if I can help it but I am aware of many agented and successful writers whose lives are like this.

If the pleasure in writing ever goes (and I don’t see why it should after all these years) I would have to stop.

Right now I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be and that means I show up at my desk every morning and I do what I love.

If it takes time to get it right and get my work known, then it takes time.

Be patient and your dreams will happen — but be prepared to work!




Have a great weekend everyone!

Dance your way through life! It’s much more fun that way!




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