Talking about the journey

I’ll keep the post short and sweet this morning. I was on BBC Radio Essex yesterday talking about my writer’s journey and how people often don’t realise how much time and dedication it takes to reach — the start of your journey. I also talk about the pros and cons of self-publishing and the way rejection made me a better writer.


Notice how I kind of get faded out for a song but I think that’s because they asked me about what I was doing at the weekend (Southend Book & Arts Fair) which has been and gone now!

By the way, there’s a sudden and worrying lull in work so if anyone is looking for an edit or critique now is a good time before it gets busy again which I know it will!



Happy Thursday!



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3 responses to “Talking about the journey

  1. Hi Debz

    Do you remember roughly how far through the show your slot was?

    Kate x

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