In the wee small hours …

… ideas sometimes float past. Someone once said write them down if you dream them.

Barry Manilow wrote ‘One Voice’ in a dream, croaked into a recorder and that song became iconic and was even performed at the White House.

I once wrote a bestseller in a dream. Boy was it a great idea. I scribbled it down and when I woke up, hey never mind that it was forgotten, it was on the piece of A4 at my bedside, right? Well there was something on that paper, words running in all directions and resembling the regurgitate of someone with ‘mental concerns’. An antagonist from a Stephen King novel perhaps. #Fail.

Dreams are the quiet brain being less quiet and digesting the events of the day. Sometimes they do tell us what we need and so I like dreams although I rarely remember them. But writing down the nonsense in my case didn’t work. Often it is nonsensical although Barry Manilow clearly had a logical dream when he wrote ‘One Voice.’

Ideas are around us everywhere and the writer tends to think them and write them down or as I do allow them to percolate off set for a while as I write something else and then allow them to form until they beg to be written.

The more I write, the more those ideas come.

At the moment I am still back working on the Isle of Pelicans novel, still challenging myself with the intricacies of a complex plot that needs to simpler. I am about there but it still keeps challenging. But when I find my way through I know I will ‘do the dance.’

And I am itching to get this draft nailed so I can rest it and write some shorts.

Whatever you do, make sure you give into the madness. Write. And  above all … believe.



Remember that anything and everything is always possible.


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