Juggling again! My Writerly Life in Essex…

Well so much for new routines, I have to go to the gym later today as I have been invited to talk on BBC Radio Kent just after the 10am news this morning! Well you can’t turn that down can you? This is ahead of my talk at the Rochester Lit Festival tomorrow and I believe there are still tickets left so follow the link if you want to come: £4 and no fee now! 

Here is the link to listen in to me on the radio (yikes). It’s live so forgive any stumbles. We will be talking about the new book club they’re launching (I hope they read my novel!) and all things bookish and writerly!


I have to pop along to BBC Radio Essex for the interview and while I’m there I have been asked to record another interview for their afternoon show. How fab is that! I will share link when I have it.

I did pop into the gym yesterday to say how this 8.30 routine was already changing but only for one day. When I told them why I think they were impressed! They said they wanted to tune in! I doubt they will, but hey! I then might well be late for my hair appointment (oops!) and later have my nail appointment  ready for tomorrow! I love it but I do have to write too! And work. I managed it yesterday but I am still adjusting to my new routine. It takes time! Oh and I am at the Southend Book and Art Festival this weekend! It’s all go! But am I complaining — hell no, livin’ the dream, baby!

Rochester Poster


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