New routines

Well here I am finally in my completed new office after the final stage of my move, and the most tiring few days imaginable! Not only that I am in my new early morning routine as I start at the gym this morning in my get and stay fit forever new me campaign! The local gym only opens at 8.30 so it means up, blogging, writing and then a workout before I resume.

I have to say I am a real creature of habit and routine. I think you need to be to focus and achieve. And so this is the new routine I am carving out for myself from today.

It won’t be quite a normal week. I have to go to the bank, sort a few things after the gym and I am not quite in my office routine as I am on the laptop. My desk top is all set up but the wifi dongle is not new enough to connect to the wifi extension so Dad’s lovely computer guy was here yesterday and tested it on his, which is new and works fine so we have ordered the one he had and need to go collect it this morning. So we’re almost there.

And later I have to practise my talk for Rochester!

I have been contacted about being on BBC Radio Kent tomorrow morning, so am trying to see if they can interview me by phone or even via BBC Radio Essex as a train journey to Kent will really throw my routine for tomorrow, which includes a nail and hair appointment in preparation for the festival!

So you see, this week things are a little off, but by the end of the week I hope to be in my new routine and my new life!

I am also itching to write after a few days’ break with the move etc.

And right on cue the pitter patter of the rain on the conservatory roof is an inviting sound as I write.

So more tomorrow! And hopefully news on the radio interview!Rochester Poster


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