Some things you can take with you…

Last night was Bangor Cellar Writing Group’s monthly meeting and I worked out I probably only missed three meetings in the seven and a half years I was a member and Chair for three of those years. I had such a wonderful send-off last week I was bowled over. There are some bad groups I know, but NOT this one. This one saved me and I am going to miss it and the friendships that formed because of it. I was thinking last night, how I wasn’t there, and I am itching to get the Canvey group established in January. If anyone reads this who might be interested then please email me so I can add you to the list to email when we have more details. I have a venue, just need to work out when we’ll meet, once a month in the evenings in St Nicholas Church, one of their meeting rooms. So message or inbox me.

So, there is this saying that some things you can’t take with you, but if you are being true to yourself and doing what you love, it is with you wherever you go, right? I had my first full day writing and working in my new office in my nice comfy chair yesterday and I felt so so at home. Just me, somewhere else.

This morning I have to go and get nails done as I have the opening of the Short Story Prize in London later, so I will work but it’s not quite a usual day. But never the less a writerly one!

While my new life is different,different surroundings, I am the same me.

Do what you loveAlways be yourself


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One response to “Some things you can take with you…

  1. I’m looking forward to joining you later today to hit the city lights. Three writers together living the life. 🙂

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