It’s not a race…

A lot of the time writing is like remoulding. It’s like taking the slab of putty you shaped and carving out the intricate details — sometimes you then smooth it over and start again. It’s a process and being a perfectionist is a great attribute for a writer. Slowly you breathe life into the shape, working it over and over in your hands until you create this beautiful thing and then decide tomorrow it’s ugly and you rework it again. Layer by layer, word by word until you get it right. And then if this masterpiece is accepted, along will come notes that say: don’t do it like that, do it like this — and so it starts again.

I tell clients over and over that it is a long process but a wonderful one — editing is the process. If you don’t like it, don’t write, it’s that simple. But making something from nothing has always fascinated and thrilled me. If you want to make anything the best it can be you have to learn your craft and keep on learning it from those around you. It’s not a race to get the next book out. If you make it about money and persona, I doubt you’ll find happiness. If you make it about process and enjoy it, you will always be happy no matter the outcome.

And there is also that lovely phase when ideas seem to fall from the sky. You stand with your head back and your arms outstretched and you let the ideas fall; one by one. Some ideas hit hard and won’t let go — like my little dog when she grabs her cuddly toy and shakes the life out of it. And then loves it back to life. Some ideas seep in slowly from the outside like mizzle. But look for them because they are ubiquitous. Seek and ye shall find.

Have a great week everyone. Last writer’s brunch tomorrow as this time next week, last morning in Wales before phase one of house move with animals.

Life is full of endless possibility. Never stop dreaming. Always believe.


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2 responses to “It’s not a race…

  1. Happy weekend Debz, and hope the house move goes o.k. Remember you helped me with editing my first three chapters on Hats off to Love? I’m on the shortlist for the new talent awards with the RNA…….. will let you know how I go on..xx

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