Keeping them in the air… but always looking forward

Apologies for no blog yesterday, or Friday. I have a week and a day left in my house before I move to Essex, although officially the move takes place a couple of weeks later when I return to move the rest of my things in a van. So busy juggling! Lots of things in the air!

It’s a stunning morning this morning, tinged with a little last times, although since my house will be rented, the ties remain. I have this idea. If I make it big (keep dreaming, Debz) and I can buy a place in Essex, and still keep my cottage, I’d like to offer it free for writers retreats. Yes free. Now I know that might sound insane and it might never come to be, and only possible if I make plenty of money from writing, but it would be a wonderful way to give something back, pay forward what has been done for me here. I’d use it at times to write too, and other times I’d offer a residency to a writer for a given time, as long as they pay for utilities and look after it, I’d offer it for use. What do you think? Might well be a pipe dream, but if there’s a way I would love to do it one day.

Right now I have several projects on the go, from my novels, Wild n Free Forever, the Born Free Poetry collection, the latest Bridge House, lots of editing work and Project House Clear! As well as goodbye meals, and people to see, which is why yesterday’s post slipped away as I had to write before a visit to my accountant! I am, thankfully, a very organised person so have been putting things in place for a few months, so hopefully all will run smoothly. I have a lot of things for charity shops next week as final clearance of bits this weekend!

I heard from my agent who is just so so busy she hasn’t got comments back to me about I Am Wolf yet so will see what happens. But at least no news is good news. The paranoid it’s terrible-it’s great, she loves it-she loves it not writerly apprehensions need to be put back in the box!

The nice thing about returning to Canvey is immersing myself in a world I didn’t know when I lived there before. When I left I was a nineteen-year-old vet student-to-be. Sure I used to write for fun, but I return a published agented author. So I am really delighted to be doing a festival, a book event, signings and starting a writing group so I can have the kind of life I have now, but there! And focussing on that is what’s helping me look forward and not back (back in a sad what-I’m-leaving-behind kind of way, that is). It will always be there.

Well keen to jump into the Isle of Pelicans novel I will love and leave you for another day!

Have a wonderful Thursday!




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One response to “Keeping them in the air… but always looking forward

  1. Good Morning, Debz, and what a lovely cheerful post as always! That is a beautiful dream, and I have no doubt you will make it a reality all in good time… Enjoy your new adventures.

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