Good News Friday

I woke up to see a message on my phone (first thing I read) that the stories for The Best of CafeLit 2013 have been selected by the talented founder, Dr Gill James.

For those who don’t know, I select and edit for this site which is in essence an eZine and we publish stories from as short as 100 words (less if we get them) to 3000 words. We aim to publish one a day but it tends to be 2 or 3 a week. And we like most things including experimental!

Each year we take it in turns, Gill and I, to choose the ones for the Best of collection. I did sneak one of my 100-worders on last year when the idea for having stories in exactly 100 words came to me. And has proved very popular I have to say. So was thrilled Gill had also selected that for the book (chocolate bribes always work — only kidding!)… but cheeks blushing as I would not have put my own one in. But thanks Gill.

I was also thrilled to see some great writers on there, some friends of mine (ones I’ve met through writing) and yes it is a little book, but I always get excited when I can add another publishing credit to my name, even for something in 100 words!

Check out the website! I will be selecting The Best of 2014, remember folks — chocolate works (nods head, shakes head, nods head, gets dizzy!)


I am in good company on there (as I said on Twitter I feel like an imposter, picture me in hat sneaking around the back of everyone else, clandestine laugh… help, this good news first thing is getting to me!)

Always great to start the day with good news and of course the best part for me is I get to share the links, put it on the website and email the lucky writers, paying it forward in a great way! Sharing the good news out!

And on other good news remember you can find me in WHSmith Mostyn Street, Llandudno this bank holiday Saturday handing out ENORMOUS bookmarks and signing copies of my novel, can Llandudno beat Liverpool by selling out of books? Come on down… prove North Wales can do it!

Share the news!

Share the news!



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2 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. Congratulations, Debz.

    Just shows how difficult it is to be objective about our stories whether good or bad.

  2. charliebritten

    Congratulations, Debz. Will look forward to it… although I do have a vested interest.

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