Feeling at peace…

There’s a warm kind of calm come over me this morning…

It started when I came home from my second home — Liverpool, after a wonderful afternoon in WHSmith in Liverpool One, back in my old stomping ground. We went the night before and stayed overnight in a lovely hotel in the city centre –a friend and I. So much better than rushing to get there on the day.

And two things made my day, NO — make that three!

1. My dear and very special friends from my dairy days where I met and worked with Lee for all those years, came along especially and it was — I can’t tell you — wonderful. I have never worked anywhere like that dairy, which sadly closed down a couple of years ago. It was the people who made it. The job was long hours and tiring, I was in the lab testing milk, but the people made it funny and fun even, every day. Always laughing! We were like a family, strike that ARE like a family and that was really important for me living so far from my own family. I have never worked anywhere like that place and I don’t think I ever will again. And something else occurred to me yesterday, they all knew Lee very well. These days,I am hardly ever in the company of people who knew Lee, who we can talk about him with fondness like that. And that was so nice, just knowing they all knew and loved him.

WHSmith Liverpool One 1Terry, Kenny, Debz, Peter and Robby

WHSmith, South John Street, Saturday August 16th 2014

WHSmith Liverpool One 2

 Attempting a selfie!

2. I sold out of books! One left at 4pm after a sudden last-minute flurry following a steady afternoon trickle and I said, “So who wants the last one!” and someone said “Ooh what’s it about?” and final sale made! I was thrilled!

And a LOT took bookmarks and some said they’d prefer to download it to their kindles so more after sales I hope! The first sale of the day, interestingly was to a lovely American girl on vacation from Minneapolis! She seemed so pleased to be meeting the author she took photos of me signing the book and the wanted one with me (I did say I am not famous! Yet) but the photos lead to some more and a little group, probably thinking: who the hell is that? But hey…

It was a great afternoon and I so enjoyed meeting all the people…

3. Last but not least, has to be the people of Liverpool. I forgot how warm-hearted and wonderful they are and why I went there as a student in 1989 and didn’t leave for more than ten years! Very warm city and lovely memories. And when I told some of the people the book was dedicated to a Liverpool lad I had that warm look and a pat or a hand touch. Only in Liverpool do I feel that way. You did me proud — so the biggest thank you goes to the city.

So now, with a bank holiday looming next weekend and me being in Llandudno where the holiday-makers go, including lots from Liverpool as it happens, let’s hope we can sell lots of books next Saturday! I will be in Smiths again, same time, midday to 4pm! Come on down!

Someone came to look at my house so hoping for some news today about finding someone to rent it — and will be my last writing group meeting tonight so thought it was fitting to prepare a reading from While No One Was Watching I haven’t read before and let Lydia loose! I also hope to hear from my agent soon, might even be today.

But I feel very calm and very peaceful and I think that’s Lee feeling so close right now. It’s going to be a wonderful day. I feel it…

Thanks Liverpool, I love you.

Thanks Liverpool, I love you.


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