Hello August!

Just keeping it short and sweet before I get into my writing and disappear off to Alcatraz in 1962 … as you do. Looking forward to my workshop tomorrow and final preps this afternoon.

It seems like timing is everything and this last month or so has presented a number of critiques of short stories where I really had to tease apart plot to find where the weaknesses were. Where a reviewer can simply say that something isn’t engaging or doesn’t quite work, in my role I have to really look inside it. The easy part is correcting the weak phrasing or the meandering viewpoint, the harder part is being able to look at plot and structure to not only see where it falls down, but to suggest how to put that right. And since the focus of my workshop is getting up close and personal so we can critically analyse our own work, I think this has shifted my focus — in a good way. While I always intended to look at plot and arcs, and of course the narrative nitty-gritty parts too, it has armed with some ways of showing how we look at story — the holistic approach before tacking the nitty-gritty.

In other news, I am being reviewed in The Copperfield Review in the US, or supposed to be today. I see they have given my book 5 stars on Goodreads! Yay! I don’t see the review itself yet but will keep you posted! Chuffed a US book site has given it 5 stars! Now just need more people to notice it over there!

Have a great weekend and I will be here Monday with comments and photos of the my Bangor Workshop!




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