Dissecting Process to Learn

One of the things an MA taught me was to think closely about my own writing, why I choose a particular voice, tense, technique, am drawn to particular genres, what I want my work to say etc.

We don’t always think too closely about that, but I think understanding process is what helps us be better writers. How can we move on, learn, experiment, play with style if we don’t get why we do it that way in the first place?

I am thinking this as I plan my workshop on Saturday. I have been to many workshops over the years, some better than others and the ones that I got the most out of, were those where I came away seeing something in my work I’d not seen before. Most workshops tend to cover the same old, and it’s hard to get away from that as the showing/telling, meandering viewpoints, overwriting exposition, clichés, clunky phrasing are the kinds of mistakes we all make. So I have to cover those things too but the hope is the workshop allows us as the writer to be more discerning about our work — be able to get up close to it and dissect it to learn from it.

I know time will fly so we can not cover everything but I hope what we do cover is empowering and full of insights!

There are a mere 2 places left now so if anyone is in or near Bangor next Saturday there is still time!

Have a great day everyone! http://www.debzhobbs-wyatt.co.uk/Pages/Events.aspx

Bangor Workshop 2014


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