Just being together…

I wouldn’t say I’m the most social animal so it’s rare I go out on week nights. Monday was writing group, so that’s different and last night was an impromptu night out with two fab writer friends and it was an evening of stimulating writerly and bookish discussion. We talked about everything and a lot more besides.

When I move I will miss that, so if you live in or near Canvey Island in Essex, I will be starting up a writing group in the evenings in the new year. I know a group meets in the library during the day as I was invited to talk to them about my novel and they’re a lovely group. But there does not appear to be anything in the evening. I prefer evenings as you get a more diverse group that way, people who work during the day can come to that.

Now it might seem a long way off, January, but it won’t seem long, I’m sure, before you’ll find posters on here about the first meeting. I have a venue in mind and a plan.

I think what has made my life so wonderful here, and what helped me deal with the grief of losing Lee, was meeting so many like-minded people, a constant reminder that writing does not have to be an isolating experience, as I have said many times. It’s a support network for others who can sit and talk about character motivation and the use of semi colons!

Our group meets once a month, then there are the critique groups for more in depth feedback — some of us also meet on a Saturday morning for writer’s brunch and I love that. So the hope is meeting writers on Canvey and forming a brunch club as well!

Having support and being part of a group has been a wonderful thing for me, of course it depends on the type of group and the people, I have heard bad things too about some writing groups, but I do want my group to be a supporting nurturing group that’s lots of fun. While I am going to miss people I know I will make new friends and I’m looking forward to it.

This is my first official gig when I move … look a lit festival!

Here’s the link: http://rochesterlitfest.com/2014/07/21/while-no-one-was-watching/#more-1915

Book your tickets now!

Book your tickets now!

Happy Wednesday!

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