Being in the Moment (Out of Office Experiences)

After all the excitement of having R J Ellory on my blog yesterday I thought today I would keep it short and simple (just like me, hmm …).

I do have lots of other things coming up but today I just wanted to say, live in the moment.

I have had a rare week of not being in front of the computer every day. Monday I was, but Tuesday I ran a workshop, Wednesday I visited a school, all about writing, today I … well actually today (not until this afternoon I might add) I am having a little girlie trip into town to treat my neighbour (16 years old) to her first manicure and gel nails ready for her prom tomorrow, so less of a writing-related break.

But what these out of the offices have shown me, is sometimes it does us good to change the routine. Tomorrow I will be working on the novel all day and I can’t wait. I have work but nothing as urgent and pressing as the last few weeks so I am enjoying the freedom.

Just make sure, whatever you’re doing, you stand still and be in the moment.

There is so much to look forward to.

That is all!

Make NOW count!

Make NOW count!

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