We find Wonder in the simplest of places …

A quick post as I have a few hours’ house cleaning planned with some plot thinking as I go this morning before I finish an edit, and the sun is shining so all fab!

This morning I finished the third of three books I’ve read recently that really spoke to me, all use interesting and quirky voices and all brought tears although the one I finished this morning it was more like a sob at one point.

Interestingly the first is an adult voice, but the narrator’s mental health problems give it the same qualities as a young narrator and in places we do see him as a child.  This is The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer that won this year’s Costa and recommended: great read, great voice.



A lovely client of mine then recommended a YA novel (just as much an adult novel) and that’s The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It deals with teenage cancer, all the more pertinent with Stephen Sutton’s recent mammoth drive to raise funds and awareness before he sadly passed away.

This novel has is now being made into a movie. I can see why, and one of my favourite characters (although he isn’t that likeable) is the quirky writer in it. But it’s the love story that will hit you. Not sensational, just powerful. Narrated by our young adults — again great voices.



And the one I just finished an amazing little book, Wonder by R J Palacio, that deals with a little boy in 5th grade in the USA who has a facial disfigurement and so it really is about reaction and finally acceptance. It’s narrated by a succession of young narrators and the voices are just wonderful. I loved this book — LOVED! This gets my gold star and is the best for these three for me — although forget that as they all have something very special and for the writers out there are a real lesson in voice. You hear the character in all of these and never the author.


I aim to read a book a week (one of my greatest pleasures) and what all of these books have in common is VOICE and you all know what a great fan of voice I am.

So if you’re looking for something to read, something interesting and contemporary — then you could do a lot worse than these titles!

Have a great weekend everyone! I have a lovely guest In The Spotlight next week and a well-known crime thriller writer coming up soon, so watch this space!


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One response to “We find Wonder in the simplest of places …

  1. I read Wonder earlier in the year, Debz. Loved it too. Even the occasional over-sentiment… I read it ‘cos the novel that sits in the virtual drawer needing a reworking at some point also has a deformed/disfigured character in it.

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