Lured by the idea

I saw this interesting article in the Guardian yesterday and thought it might be worth a share …

I guess, as a close writing friend of mine says, it is the dream scenario — being part of such a huge bidding war and less common today than people think — those kind of big advances. But with it, as my friend so rightly points out, a lot of pressure. So much so that in some cases the pressure to achieve with the second novel (and I can relate to that if only on the teeniest tiny scale, wanting to live up to expectation) can, in some cases, produce less favourable work and bad reviews.

There is the notion that a writer might be, in some cases, in love more with the idea of the writer and all that it might bring financially, than simply the pleasure derived from writing. I have been accused of being too idealistic about just doing it for the pure love of writing and that it’s a business like everything else — and it can be a ruthless one at that. But hey, I am fairly clued up about the pitfalls of the industry — but I just love to write — wherever that might take me. Naive maybe. But look how happy I am!

I am not in love with the idea of WRITER, at least no one has said that — I work my butt off for something I love. End of and I hope that brings me the success I want. But I am not lured by the notion of huge bidding wars and six-figure sums. Yes it would be a wonderful side-effect, but all I want is to write the best possible books and, as I have in the mission statement on my wall — write stories that live in the hearts of millions (yeah fanciful I know, yeah maybe even a little egotistical — but humour me a little — nothing comes without hard work and we all need a dream.) It’s just not the money, but the best book I can write.

That is all folks! Have a great Thursday. I am hopping off to San Francisco where there is a missing child — but this one is NOTHING like Eleanor Boone, really.



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