Just walking across a room …

Ideas come when you least expect them.

One of things I am not a fan of is sitting in a workshop where you’re expected to have an idea on cue, and then producing the crudest opening lines from this idea and then having to share. Some people are great at this — not me.

I love it, when like this morning, I picked up my coffee mug to walk to the sink before my walk with Rosie and this idea flicked through my head. Sure it was fast, but long enough to make an impression. And long enough to know that it might be something worth exploring, perhaps another short story.

So next time you walk across a room, and something flashes across your mind: grab it.

That is all!

You only need one ...

You only need one …


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One response to “Just walking across a room …

  1. Oh I love it when that happens! I usually receive flashes of inspiration when I’m washing dishes or folding laundry, in which case I throw down my rubber gloves or piles of clothes, and scrabble about for my notebook!

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