Focussing on the goal …

I will try to keep this short as I am half way through my new short story, but wanted to talk this morning about the goal and what it is as writers we are aiming for.

Do writers focus on creating the very best product they possibly can — a great piece of work that touches people as you hoped even if it means slaving for years honing that craft (hand goes up) — or are you more focussed on the image — on being the published writer with bestsellers = money in the bank, but less on the writing? Less on process — are you one of the X Factor I want it now  generation?

Might seem an odd question as I am pretty sure all of you are the former, but I do meet people from time to time in my work that tell me they want to be as rich as J K Rowling — but don’t want to put in the work needed to be a bestselling writer. Now I hate to tread on anyone’s dreams and I also know of people who still managed to sell their far from perfect book through self-marketing etc and became great successes (Look at Fifty Shades of Grey).  Did I say that? Sorry 😦 But you know what I mean.

It just worries me that this want it now mentality misses out vital stages in learning your craft.

But what do you think?



Have a great Tuesday!


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One response to “Focussing on the goal …

  1. Hi Debz, I’ve been writing all my life. When I took my first course, with the London writing school, I firmly believed I’d have a novel published within a few years. I’m a slow burner, still working on the novel. I burned my first novel, autobiography, (too personal) and second efforts still sit in a folder. If we’re learning, it will be a slow process. That’s all part of the fun. Great post.

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