Happiness …

We measure happiness is so many ways, but for me it’s simple, remember to smile before you do anything, remember to count your blessings, even in the darkest of times, remember that life is short so live it and relish it.

Had a lovely walk this morning in the village as usual but it was one of those mornings where lots of people stopped for a chat. I leave this village in 4 months’ time and I am going to miss it for sure. But on to new things, even planned this weekend where to have my new office in the parents’ house and the desk I’ll buy.

So happiness is also measured in the things you look forward to. And there are many. So many.

Yesterday I wrote all day and hopefully by this time next week I Am Wolf will be ready to send to my agent, lots of things that still need tweaks and a bit more tightening. But the whole process is so wonderfully consuming I am inside my own head. And I don’t want to climb out.

Welcome to the madness. Great isn’t it?



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One response to “Happiness …

  1. “Smile before you do anything”
    I love that, and I’m going to take your advice!
    I’m a pretty happy person, but I can always be happier! Thanks, what a gem 🙂

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