Oh What A Beautiful Morning …

The message this morning is short and sweet. I had a lovely walk in the sunshine along my lane and felt the buzz that means more good things are on the way —  as always.

I also made a decision this weekend that, sad as it will be to leave this lovely place, I will be moving back to Essex (finally) by October 1st and if my house doesn’t sell (the market is really slow here) then I will use it as a little rental income!

I guess the message is — make things happen. Don’t wait for them to happen to you.


Have a wonderful day whatever you do!


Rosie is happy too!


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One response to “Oh What A Beautiful Morning …

  1. Oh, look at Rosie, you can’t go wrong as long as Rosie is with you Debz. Rental would be good. A writer’s retreat…. in a beautiful part of the country. Handy for Ty-Newydd as well.

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