Monday Treat … Spotlight on a New Project (Graphic Novella)

Good morning everyone and hope you all had a great weekend. I had a wonderful one — just me yesterday,  catching up with some valuable and reading and now excited about some changes I want to make that I think deals with what I always felt was missing with I Am Wolf. Small changes but important ones! Love it when you finally see it! Think that’s why I was holding onto it and not sending to my agent yet! And there lies an important message writers — it always pays to wait until you’re entirely happy with work before you submit.  Right?

So before I excitedly get on with that I wanted to introduce two good friends who want to tell you about their new writing project, Daniel I met when I was studying for my MA and now he and Steve are active members of my writing group, Daniel was Chair and is now Vice Chair so I could finally step down!

So without further ado …

Over to you…


Daniel Dowsing and Steve Wilson are proud to announce that their graphic novella project, The Wolf, is live on Kickstarter until the 22nd April!


Written by Daniel and illustrated by Steve, The Wolf started life as a prose short story inspired by a news article in Fortean Times magazine. Daniel, however, having a passion for comic books and graphic novels decided to adapt his short story. He met Steve, a working artist, at his local writing group and asked him if he’d be interested in illustrating the script. Steve has since produced the first six pages of the project as well as the title page in his unique pen and watercolour art style.

The Wolf is a dark story with an element of otherworldly magic set in the snowy nights of the Arctic tundra. One night an isolated town comes under siege from large pack of wolves. The wolves terrorise the townspeople as though they might be searching for something or someone. In the midst of the chaos the story follows our main character, Stieg, as he attempts to navigate the town and wolves in an effort to rescue his friend Antov.

Daniel and Steve have launched a Kickstarter campaign for The Wolf in order to raise funds to complete the project and to see it in print. With a goal of £5000 — predominantly to cover artist labour and printing – they have a 30 day challenge ahead of them but the response to the artwork and story so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Anyone can back the project for as little as £1/$1 and if the project does not reach its goal all pledges are returned. Danieland Steve have also created a variety of rewards – such as signed artwork and exclusive content — for their backers should the project be a success.

Daniel works as a writer-game designer and has working credits on three games. He was the lead writer on two games: Recovery Search & Rescue Simulation(PC) and Primal Rumble (Android). As a writer he has a passion for combing the weird/magical with the real – hence being drawn to the original news article which inspired The Wolf – and lists Neil Gaiman and Haruki Murakami as two of his literary inspirations. He can be found on Twitter: @D_Dowsing

Steve is a working artist who has self published a couple of books written and illustrated by himself: Harry Heart has a Holiday and The A-Z of S.O.D.S. He has also been commissioned by Llandudno Council to produce murals inspired by Alice in Wonderland. He describes his work as dark and surreal and has a penchant for fairytales. He keeps a page of his work here:


The Wolf’s Kickstarter page can be found here:


The Wolf has a dedicated Facebook page featuring art and updates which can be found here:

If you can help folks then please do! We wish them both the very best of luck in raising funds for their project. Sit back now and enjoy some of the artwork!

Tomorrow my usual ramblings but I have a great In The Spotlight with the talented Laura Wilkinson telling us about her new novel on Wednesday!

Front cover


Page 1


Page 2


Page 4


©Copyright Daniel Dowsing and Steve Wilson. Reproduced with kind persmission of the author and artist.

Happy Monday!


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