Keeping the passion alive … just write!

Well  I think things are returning to normality now although my heart is still in LA! But there comes  a time when you have to knuckle down and get lots of writing done.  And so I have !

Yesterday I was thinking about this time last year and the competition successes and how I was still dancing from the news my novel was being published. It will be hard to repeat that although being signed by an agent this year and the LA book party certainly has kept the excitement going. So there is much to look forward to. But I think what I love the most (even though all of that is addictive and exciting) is the buzz of the writing. I feel the need to create!

I have been working on more edits of I Am Wolf but part of me is itching to get to something new. I love that part of the process. It’s the buzz, the wonderful sense of creation. I think I am ready to get the passion reignited! Not that it ever went away but you know what I mean fellow writers, I’m sure!

When you’ve got one novel under your belt there is this sense that you have to repeat that. I know I question myself about whether I Am Wolf, which is fairly different, will have the same appeal. But then I wonder if we really ought to stop getting hung up on that and give into the magic of writing? Just do it, right?

So hopefully it can go off to be looked at next week while I plan what to work on next, get back to the passion.

I also want to tell you that this week I had a great conference call with Born Free the charity and an hour-long chat with the wonderful Virginia McKenna, so I will be sharing some news here soon about another writing opportunity for children!

And I will be announcing the short list for the Paws Animal Writing Competition on Good Friday!

Oh and don’t forget if you want to come along to a literary evening I will be in Manchester next week with the wonderful Gill James and Sarah Dobbs highlighting women’s fiction! Do come along! It is free but you do need tickets!

Here’s the link:

Be Happy, Write

Well have a great weekend all — whatever you do!



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3 responses to “Keeping the passion alive … just write!

  1. Good to know the excitement is still there to keep you moving forward. I know that the success of one doesn’t mean the next will be easy, but one can only hope that we can be as equally successful. Good luck with your next project, Debz.

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