Staying Grounded

It’s been a funny old time since returning from my wonderful LA trip. It is a little like having to come back down to earth but also for the first time since I gave up the day job being struck down with a virus (a flu thing) so had to take it easier than I had really wanted to!

While not 100% and I have to say struggling to get going in the morning, I am now back and no stopping me now!

I have some more In the Spotlights lined up this week and my review of Harmony the new Manilow Sussman musical! But today the message is short and sweet — I am here and fighting fit!

I am getting on with some final edits to I Am Wolf before it goes over to my agent, and I am planning how to raise awareness about my novel! Worried it will disappear and since the reaction has been so good I need to step things up. So anyone who wants me to come and talk to local writing groups/bookclubs/libraries/festivals/unis let me know! Still trying to get a bit of a tour going! And raise funds to get back to the US! Lots of ideas buzzing!

Hope everyone is happy and writing!

Well best get on…

Life’s great init?!!


Just because ...

Just because you have to give in to the cuteness!




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2 responses to “Staying Grounded

  1. Hope you feel 100% better soon and good luck with your next book. I can’t wait to read it.

  2. Glad you’re feeling a bit better Debz, and back in the u.k. Sounds like you’ve got your work plan in order. Good luck with it all, not that you need any of course:)))

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