It’s okay to dream …

LoveWritingWell I am back from the most amazing trip! I am now reunited with my furry babies (the best part about coming home!) and looking forward to getting on with some serious writing and some editing work. I have all sorts of ideas buzzing and a list has been made! Yep I love my lists:)

I arrived back in Wales yesterday and slowly eased myself back into things, and will work today before a weekend off! Although an idea for a new short story has been buzzing and I may work on that this weekend!

Something rang true for me when I heard someone talking about the Oscars yesterday. There is a notion that there are too many award ceremonies and perhaps a move to have less in the future, but what was said was how  things like the Oscars, make it okay to dream. I like that– because it is okay to dream. It really is 🙂

Well you know my motto in life is to dream and never stop dreaming. It says it right there on my website — always believe anything is always possible — because it is. Got that?

It still feels surreal to me that I was in LA and getting such a great reaction to my novel by Americans too, that is such a relief. I had a wonderful email from a new friend out there only this morning telling me how much she truly loved it! Why thank you! I have to say it also feels somewhat surreal too that I now have an agent (pinches self).When I joined my writing group seven years ago we were asked to write on a piece of paper what our dreams were. I wrote how I wanted an agent and a publisher for my novel. But nothing comes overnight does it? But it finally came true. I was determined about that. One thing I learned from Mr Manilow is: Dreamers Never Disappear. And since I now plan to move later this year and sadly that means not being able to attend the writing group  (the one I ran for more than three years) I can’t help thinking how it will feel as if I have somehow completed that circle. It feels right.

It’s amazing to think about what has happened. It’s about The Secret. Believe it into existence — but you have to work hard!

And now I have all kinds of other dreams waiting to be realised — the movie deal, a bestseller, a BIG publisher for the next one — win a BIG award for the novel and maybe some more shorts. Yeah okay now I sound like I am getting carried away — right? Maybe even a little arrogant? OTT? Maybe — but you know it really is okay to dream, it’s the only way to make it happen, isn’t it? So go on — dream it. And say it out loud. Make it happen.

The dream makes life worth living and we must never stop.

I have never been happier than I am right now. There’s so much to look forward to — what are your dreams?

So there’s one simple message for this Friday — NEVER GIVE UP.

That’s it.

Oh and if there has to be a second message it’s this one — LOVE THE RIDE.

Have a great weekend all and I will be back to my daily blogging next week when I kick off with the talented Juliet Greenwood — the first of several In The Spotlights I have lined up!

BeilieveAnd never stop! I mean it …



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