What it means to be a writer …

Some people are more in love with the idea of being a writer, the ego? The image? Maybe more so than what being a writer truly means. By that I mean writing, I write therefore I am a writer — for the love of the process.

We are coming to  the end of what has to be up there as one of my all-time favourite holidays; one I really needed. Since I gave up the day job four years ago, I have not had anything like this, space and time to just be for so long. And I can not tell you how hard I worked in the run-up to this break. And that included getting the draft of the new novel ready for the agent I was meeting, the lovely Becky who now is my agent — that still feels unreal. (Although if you ever hear me say my people will talk to your people, give me a quiet talking to — please!).

I have been a regular visitor to the US over the years and have some great friends here so when I come now it’s not all about doing the touristy things — it’s about hanging out, going to restaurants, having family meals, shopping — just enjoying the company and I have done that and so much more. And as well as the Harmony show and our little trip to Ventura, I think the book party has to be the hi-light. I mean how many times have I dreamed about reading and being a writer in LA. And then one day it really happens and you think –wow. Did that just happen?

Now there are two mes — the real writer who wears sweatpants and trainers and sits at home in front of the  computer and quite often looks a mess but that’s the creative me — the crazy writer at work! The real me!

And then there is a new  writer me, the one who dons the writer clothes and stand up in the spotlight me. For some this is what I mean about being in love with ‘being a writer’. I do not write for the spotlight, but it’s nice to get a reaction to work that has taken years. I am loving it, but it’s the side of the job I am new to! And to think this is really only at the beginning of the journey.

I feel happy, confident and enjoying this ride and I guess finally after ten years I am at the beginning — wow how mad does that sound! But it’s true.

We just came back from a great lunch at The Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills where the celebs lunch and we bumped into Gordon Ramsay, of all the people! I am guessing there were probably a whole lot more celebs there we just didn’t know them. And as we looked around the restaurant (a beautiful place) all these great looking people were talking to other great looking serious looking people and we were thinking about all the deals that have been made there over the years; career-making deals.

I don’t dream of fame, as in me being famous, just my stories and imagine what it must feel like if someone makes a movie out of your book. I told you — that’s the next dream and I remember thinking the same thing last time we lunched there five years ago, only this time it’s close enough to reach out and think — maybe. Just maybe …

Dreams give life meaning and I have lots of those.

It’s been a great break and tonight we eat at a friend’s and tomorrow is our last day as we fly on the night flight so a good old American breakfast at Norms and then chill out and soak up the last of the good living before the flight.

There’s so much to look forward to on my return, including getting some stuff over to my agent and thinking about which novel is the next one, how we can try to get someone to write a screenplay of While No One Was Watching, an maybe a US book tour … oh so much. I mean I plan on having the next book party at the Polo Lounge, right?

I love being a writer, I love the sunshine living and the Polo Lounge, the dreaming big and the hope all of that will come true — the bestseller, the awards, the movie deal, but I also like the real me — the one in the sweatpants and trainers with the hair scragged back sat in front of my computer creating the words that make the dream. That is who I really am. From Bangor to Beverly Hills.

I don’t want to leave because I have been having way too much fun — but I am also dying to write, have loads of work to edit/critique … and most of all I can’t wait to see the frantic wagging of my little dogs tail and next week feel the purr of my cats that means their momma is home. These are the things that really matter and soon Beverly Hills will be a memory and a dream to the way to the movie and the best seller (hey indulge me in the dream a little longer won’t you?)

Life is what you make it. Thanks LA. Thanks friends. It’s been a blast.

Home from home in the San Fernando Valley

Home from home in the San Fernando Valley


There go those oranges!

There go those oranges!

Love this one with the children ...

Love this one with the children …

The end of a perfect trip …

Debz and best mate Elaine, happy ...

Debz and best mate Elaine, happy … a rare unflattering photo!!! Sweet Dreams …



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2 responses to “What it means to be a writer …

  1. Sound like you have had a wonderful time, giving you memories to keep forever. 😀

  2. What wonderful time you had. Wish you lots more, Debz.

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