Hollywood, Baby

It’s coming up to the anniversary when Parthian said they wanted to published While No One Was Watching.

I can hardly believe that this time next week I’ll be preparing for my trip to Essex, preparing the cats emotionally for someone else being here looking after them, and preparing for the LA flight on the 6th.

I am thrilled that the Hollywood Book Party, for the US launch has now been confirmed and it’s a wonderful bookshop called Stories!

Take a look at this … http://www.storiesla.com/

So know anyone in LA? A poster will follow but I am including a special invite below — all welcome!

So more busyness this week as I prepare for a rare break from work — although sure I’ll be thinking about new stories! I also hope to pay a visit to some creative writing students at UCLA, waiting for confirmation.

Have a great day all!

Yeah, Baby ...

Yeah, Baby …



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One response to “Hollywood, Baby

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing and see (lots of great photos, please) when you get back. Have a great time, Debz. You’ve work hard for it!

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