I wanna be like you …

I hope the title of this post has you singing that wonderful Jungle Book song — the version on Robbie Williams’s new album with Olly Murs is the best! LOVE IT!

But the reason for the title is today I am visiting the School Of Creative Industries at Bangor University where I got my MA but this time I will be standing up front with my novel and talking about my road to publishing success! It all feels very egotistical — an hour of talking about me? Nothing new then! And my writing of course, I will show the book trailer and give a reading — Lydia get ready to come out girl! I also have some books by Bridge House and on publishing as I have been invited as part of the module on Publishing.

I remember when I sat in that same building and watched visiting writers, thinking ‘I wanna be like you.’  They might not want to be quite like me (2 stone lighter would be an improvement!) but it’s being a writer, making a living as a writer/editor/publisher. Proof it can be done?  So the emphasis today has to be on the journey and the take home message has to be NEVER GIVE UP. And if they do wanna be like me, they will learn a lot about tenacity and self-drive, and I hope it will inspire in some way.

And as I was preparing for it, and deciding it would be a good idea to take some books along, if nothing else something to hold, action for the hands as I talk, I realised just how far I’ve come. It’s very humbling to look at the journey to this point. While the journey ahead might seem as uphill as it always was, seeing how far you’ve come is a great motivator. All those times you thought you would never do it. But look! Look back and say “WOW!” Really?

Go on, do it … (I’ll wait, taps fingers on the table) …


And then … to think that in two weeks’ time I will be in LA launching the book — we have a bookshop now and I will share the poster as soon as I have it from Parthian, I mean wow, right? I might even look like Mowgli in the picture right now thinking  about that! A few days before (it’s happening on March 14th at Stories Bookshop Echo Park, West Hollywood for LA friends! Time to be confirmed, 7 pm ish), March 11th, while I’m out there, is when it will be one year exactly since I had the call that made me start dancing (haven’t stopped!) — the one from Parthian saying they would publish While No One Was Watching. So as I stand there this afternoon, hopefully not making a fool of myself with more ego-boosting chatter about me (groan) I will tell them how I’m heading to LA. Now that’s surely the stuff of dreams and had it been me watching someone say that a few years ago, I might well have had the tune in my head ‘I wanna be like you.’

Welcome to the life of the crazy writer person! It’s the best EVER!

I wanna be like youKeep dancin’!


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