A Writer’s Life For Me

Sometimes we need to simply stand still and look at how far we’ve come.

Being grateful is a wonderfully empowering emotion and one that fuels more gratitude and more good things keep happening.

I sometimes think about how I created the ideal job for myself and it’s now 5 years since I started working for Bridge House and 4 years since I gave up the day job. And the work just keeps rolling in. I have a lot to get through before my trip to LA but that’s a good thing as I won’t be working for over 2 weeks! The planets just seemed to have aligned perfectly.And there is work lined up for my return.

The universe always responds in positive ways if you think positive.

I used to worry about if work would  come, I never worry about that now. It comes, if you believe. And I do.

Same with writing. I sit in front of the keyboard and write — that’s it. Sure sometimes good, sometimes bad — but it comes and it’s what I do everyday.

The next order I am placing with the universe is for my second novel to be good enough to snag me a wonderful London agent. And a buyer for my little house. On that note someone is coming to look on Saturday. It’s time to move back.

Whatever you’re dreaming, whatever you want from life, make it happen.

Never stop dreaming …





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One response to “A Writer’s Life For Me

  1. I’m so pleased for you Debz.

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