You have the power … any minute something amazing will happen!

Being a writer and spending so much time inside your own head can have its drawbacks as well as being a completely cool way to spend your day.

One of the drawbacks, apart from isolation sometimes, is being too much inside your own way of seeing things and we start to obsess over weird things. I sometimes wake up worrying about something (rare true as I am not really a worrier) and it turns out it’s one of my characters I have put in peril! How odd is that! On Lorraine a couple of weeks back she and her guest said how they’d woken up worrying about something and it turned out it was Roy Cropper because Hayley had died the night before on Corrie! Glad I’m not the only one! And a good book with strong characters must make the reader feel that way so naturally it’s the same for the writer.

But we also ride the slopes when it comes to success. I knew after a year of highs last year that this year would most likely be more  normal, but I am working away, hard as ever, unrelenting and living the dream — and loving every second and anyway, who says this year will be normal? It gets better all the time! This time in 4 weeks I will be Essex ready to fly to LA, so maybe not that normal!

But sometimes we need wake up calls to realise that we still need to keep working at it, we can dream, but we have to make it happen! So while I plough on with the next book, slightly worrying whether I can pull off another one that will get me noticed and find a publisher (they call it the second book blues but I didn’t know I was supposed to have that until someone told me — so look, keep going and don’t get hung up on it, right?) — I will never stop believing!

We can be insecure bunnies, we writerly folk. One day we love what we’ve written and get the oh this is really coming together buzz and then we delete the whole chapter the next day when we realise — on second thoughts … yep sometimes we’re geniuses, sometimes we’re dunces. And we must learn to roll with it.

Last night I was slightly fed up that nothing seemed to he happening with finding an LA venue for my book party and then there’s this lull after a book is launched when after the flurry of media and sales the momentum naturally slows. I was talking to my publisher about it and he said how tricky it can be to keep the sales rolling, and there is no exact science. I felt a bit deflated because what can you do? It’s a small press and I am an unknown writer. But the book has received great reviews so, I guess hope word of mouth makes a difference. He also said more stock would go to Amazon this week, the last of the first print run so anyone who said they wanted the new one may have to wait or get it from me.

I did some emailing last night re venues for LA and something positive happened overnight, although not confirmed yet, but watch  this space.

So guys the lesson is this, we really do have the power to change things around and so, don’t stay down for long — get proactive!

Please help spread the word about While No One Was Watching and consider it for your local book groups? Ask local libraries to get copies? Please!

Thanks for listening and have a wonderful day — because any minute something amazing will happen! Are you ready?

1796590_623411904390810_463282256_nGot that? Exciting in it?



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