Getting someone to hear

To continue on from discussions here on Friday, I have spent the weekend giving a lot of thought to this whole marketing game and how it can feel as if it gets in the way of writing.  If you Google How to promote your book  you will find lists and lists. And in fact I am doing most of them, a lot of it is common sense. But it can become an obsession when really all you want to do is WRITE!

The question is how do you get people to know about your book?

With so many books out there how do you make someone listen to you?

I now have more than 500 likes on my FB page but the promo ran for 2 week and cost me £100 more or less. I have to stop it now. How effective is this in getting sales? Well I don’t think it translates financially but I hope the post engagement, the interactions and making new friends will make a difference, it’s all part of gaining a following. And I’m sure it helped to get me as many downloads as we achieved!

I have also boosted posts. I think it was worthwhile, but everything is limited by pennies!

I do as much as I can to get free advertising of course — radio interviews, magazines, blogs etc.

I guess we must do what we can!

I will be visiting some universities soon to give talks and have more bookshop signings being organised!

We do what we can.

I think this is an issue for all writers, perhaps more so with those who have self-published but even those with big publishers. It is part of the job.

I think one of my biggest fears is I have a book, and one that seems to be getting a lot of positive interest,  but it will disappear because people don’t know it’s there. I guess this reflects a fear for all of us. So now the question becomes, so how important is that? Should we focus more on just writing and not worry, or do we need to think about this?

I think it’s about finding the right balance. Why do we write if not for people to read your story? And really honestly truly for me it is not about the money! I don’t want sales to be rich but to know people are reading the book — is that a bad thing? I guess it depends who you are. The accountant might say it is — the writer might agree with me!

I also noticed in myself a new trait — checking reviews! How can we not, but it sits up there alongside how many likes we get and how many retweets– how many stars! This new obsession feels unhealthy and in fact I wonder if I am becoming like Amy in my new novel. She is rather a flawed character (I am still trying to make her more likeable) but she talks about connection and is a social networker, she says it’s like we check the number of likes and retweets as if is a measure of who we are. Do we become like our characters?

I will leave these questions with you and with a further request to be a guest on some of your blogs? I need to do a little tour!

Have a great day everyone!Funny

Couldn’t resist sharing this!



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2 responses to “Getting someone to hear

  1. Hi Debz, you are welcome on my blog any time, just send me your information! I am also pondering this query at the moment and considering my next move…

  2. Thanks Catherine, I will sort something this weekend and pop it over! Much appreciated! I can share the slightly tweaked cover too! Pondering a query eh? If you need a sounding board always happy to support a fellow writer!

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