Feeling positive about everything!

It’s the only way to feel guys! You attract what you feel! (No rude connotations intended although now I am thinking about George Clooney again! Ooh and Patrick Dempsey — now he would make a great Gary in the movie version of the book!) Keep dreamin’ Girl! Now get back to the post!

Anyway so far so good! We kicked off with news that we are on to a second print run which means we can add some quotes to the cover after all the FAB reviews and address those pesky typos that still managed to crawl onto the pages (what book doesn’t have them right?) but annoying never the less and Parthian are now sorting them! I hope to have the second edition soon! Ooh!

And then with the Kindle promo (now sadly over, but it’s still a good price!) lots of lovely downloads and so now more reviews are popping up. It’s a scary thing but fortunately so far the majority are loving it and raving about it. BIG PHEW! Pleasing the masses is good.

I thought I would share this review from G Wales Parthian showed me: http://www.gwales.com/bibliographic/?isbn=9781908946324&tsid=3

Good eh?

And also here’s a link to a little blog hop I did on Jane Isaac’s blog. Jane is a talented thriller writer and she will be in the spotlight here when her new book is out in the spring, so watch out for that! http://www.janeisaac.co.uk/blog/guest-posts/while-no-one-was-watching-by-debz-hobbs-wyatt/


Anyway there I do again with the promo stuff! What can I say? It’s part of the job! Head swells so much hat pops off — again!

Anyway I am keen to get writing so I will bid you all a great day and see you all Friday — I am taking tomorrow off! Someone has a birthday (oh that would be me!)

Couldn't resist this!

Couldn’t resist this!


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