It’s not about making new year’s resolutions, that you might break.

It’s not about setting impossible targets.

It’s not about making empty promises, and then feeling like you let yourself down.

It’s about getting into a routine — one you WILL stick to.

I am a sucker for routine and that’s why I write in the morning and work in the afternoon and while you have deviate sometimes, it’s having a routine that counts for everything. Trust me.

And if things are not working then change that routine to another one.

I was watching something on Breakfast TV this morning that said start the day with 15 minutes of exercise before breakfast to get your body into fat-burning mode. And I was thinking — yeah right, but now I realise that like everything else it’s about making time, and not even a whole lot of time. I might have to add that one. I mean I am off to Hollywood in March!

When it comes to writing, just do it. Make the time. There are lots of moments we can fill. You have to want to!

Right that’s the simple message for this morning as I get ready to write.

Even more work has now come in which is great including an urgent job so will be busy but I am taking Thursday off!

Also I have a feeling something amazing is about to happen — just a feeling, nothing founded on knowledge. But then again, I always start the day thinking that!

Also I want to say a HUGE thank you to those who are reading, reviewing, sending me positive wonderful messages about the novel! Fantastic, so pleased with the response. I watched the book move into the top 500 Kindle downloads and then slowly move back and hover around 2000, I see it back at 1000 this morning. Not sure how many downloads but lots and it means lots are reading it! It is now back to the normal price I see but  I hope this word of mouth thing works and people buy it! I am using The Secret. Repeat after me — come on bestseller! Come on bestseller! Come on bestseller!

Have a great day everyone!





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2 responses to “Routine

  1. You are so right! And that’s my difficult part…. trying to form a routine.. working on it!

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