Frog Blog Hop … Four Intriguing Questions




Many thanks to Catherine Green for inviting me to participate in this fun blog hop! Please visit her site to see her answers to the same intriguing questions.

So here goes …

1. What are you working on now?

I have three novels is various stages of development but the one that should be ready to submit next is my novel adaptation of my published short story I Am Wolf about the a feral child that explores self actualisation, the realisation of what we are. Amy is a reporter who is missing in Alaska, but why? It explores her sense of connect and disconnect and the need to feel something for another being. In a world where she feels lost, she envies the connection the Russian wolf-girl, Volchitsa, has to another species.

2. How is your current WIP different from others in the genre?

Well hard to say because it’s more literary in its exploration of character than fitting to a specific genre. I seek good writing and good story and so I hope it does that. Have I read another book about a feral child that does this, no. But I guess there are many books that look at humans and what it means to feel human. How is  it different — well the reader will have to decide that.

3. Why do you write?

Because I can not NOT write.

It has taken me 10 years, several short story wins and 20 short stories published to finally receive the validation I sought by finding a publisher for my debut novel, While No One Was Watching. It’s about a little girl Eleanor Boone who disappeared from the grassy knoll at the exact moment in time Kennedy was assassinated. And is still missing 50 years on. It was a story that had to be written. If you write because you think it will make you rich, forget it. I do it for the love and the passion of it and even if I did not receive the wonderful validation I have,  I would write no matter what. Follow your dream.

4. How does your writing process work?

I gave up my day job for the dream. The obsession took over everything else. I needed to be as good as I can be so I studied for my MA and I read a lot and write all the time and we never stop learning. I also work as a critiquer and editor and so that makes me a better writer — you have to know it to teach it, right? Process is exciting and interesting. I don’t over plan but I have a firm idea of theme in my mind and a story arc but the real magic often begins once you write, people knock at the door, phones ring and characters appear. You then have to figure out why. But something intuitively tells you it needs to be there. I polish a lot as I go and won’t start a new chapter until I feel happy, several drafts. Once I have a full first draft of the novel I rest it. Then the work really begins (and often why I see lots of first drafts and new writers thinking they are about ready to submit — no, this is the beginning!) The second big draft is where you really address theme and function and make sure every scene in every chapter moves plot, develops character and explores theme and this is when I have a spreadsheet and look at the key functions. This is the stage you remove whole chapters, even characters and make the story as sharp as possible. There are then several drafts that polish the narrative to within an inch of its shine. Make every word count. And only then am I ready to — no not submit, have it critiqued and then further work before I submit.

And I love the whole process!


Well thanks Catherine for letting me do this. Check out Catherine’s answers to the same questions HERE.

And below I will be pasting links to blogs by other writers who decide to also contribute … their answers will be posted on December 19th!

Because I hate to tag people directly I prefer it if you ask me if you want to take part and answer the same questions? PLEASE? I will message one to two writers but please email if you want to take part!


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