Supporting the local bookshop

Well last night I was at a lovely new bookshop in Conwy called Hinton’s! They have a lovely space downstairs, perfect for readings, Q & A and signings as I did last night. And what a lovely welcome I had. I meant to get someone to take photos but sadly got caught up in it all so never did.

We had a small gathering and so, much like the library event last week, talked about  my journey, the inspiration for writing the novel, voice, connection and so on. I read some pieces and then asked a few questions. It was all very well received I think.

It still feels odd to be sat there upfront and slightly strange as if about to make a performance which I guess in a way I am. But what strikes me is I have no nerves. I guess these are my characters and this is the story I want to show the world, so why would I be nervous and with 19 five-star reviews now at least it seems most people are loving it! HUGE phew there then!

So settling down to write and finish a manuscript appraisal today before the Bangor Cellar Writing Group’s annual Christmas dinner tonight.

I do have some photos of the library to share soon as well as the launch, just not around to sorting them yet!

Also writerly friends, you may have seen I am doing an advent calendar of stories on CafeLit and as we draw nearer to Christmas I need more stories, flash pieces of about 100 words please? I assign them all a gift or attribute as well, like magic, surprise, excess etc so think about that as well.

Here’s the link:

Cute cockers




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