The Writer’s Routine

Your Muse? Your what? Just get on with it … 

I hear people talk about ‘waiting for their muse’. Maybe this works if writing is a hobby or you suffer from procrastination — which I believe is like piles only worse. I wouldn’t know — about either!

What I do know is if  I’d played that card in the workplace, oh sorry that report isn’t done — the mood didn’t take me I’d have been forced into an exit!

Routine, obvious as that may sound, is key.

And that means for everything in  life, breaking out with bursts of spontaneity once in a while to keep it interesting! But really I hate being behind deadlines and I hate it when I cannot write because other things happen.

So this is it, in a nutshell, plain and simple.  I don’t ever worry that today I won’t be able to write because I sit down at the keyboard, keen as ever, every day and there it is, I am writing. Sure some days better than others, but I am doing it. This is what I do. This is what I love. (As well as cake that is!)

And when I have to deviate from routine once in a while, then why not?

And in the afternoons, much as I want to keep writing some days, I never resent the switch into editor mode, and I love it.

So, wait for your muse? Anyone says that to you then smile politely and know it’s another word for excuse.

Ooh get me this morning! Just saying it like it is.

But I know all of you are not suffering from that disease of procrastination — right? If you are, best get some cream, er — is that piles?

And I have piles of lovely delicious work to do so best be off!

Remember the Kindle offer! Let’s get this book closer to number one and now like 2000! BUY ME! GO ON!

(Am I being that bore who shouts about her book too much? Sorry. I might be. But hey, buy it anyway!)

Come and see me tomorrow!

Come and see me tomorrow! I hope people turn up!!! #usedtosoundofmyownvoice


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One response to “The Writer’s Routine

  1. Well done Debz, keep on shouting, you’ve earned it. We love you. xx

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