Why We Write

by Justin Wyatt (on his phone with his finger! So talented!)

by Justin Wyatt (on his phone with his finger! So talented!)


I have always had a very clear mindset, not only about where I wanted to be with my writing and who I wanted to be, but why I write and what I want my work to say. I like my work to have layers, to have complexity and yet feel simple. I want my characters to have lives and to feel real, flaws and all.

It’s different for everyone, but for me, it’s write; get all of that stuff out there — or be lost.

I have said here before how I saw the change in myself as soon as I found myself on the right path. I was working the old day job and writing all the time, but I started to work for Bridge House. I guess in some naive hope I thought it  would earn me money (still waiting!) and I would be able to give up my day job, and soon! As I said I was naive! I did not give up because of Bridge House! But I remember standing in the office and wondering who to ask to sign the contract when I started to work with Gill. In the end I asked someone I could trust and glossed over what it really was — as in my ticket outta here! He did look at me a bit suspiciously! Maybe he saw the clandestine smile!

From that day,as soon as I started to work with other authors and not only was I right in the throes of learning how to write, but I was also now learning about the business, publishing (albeit on a small scale) and about editing — the life I was destined to live.

In says in The Secret, that you know you’re in the right place, doing the right thing, because it feels as if everything is buzzing at the right frequency. Like love. When you think about someone and your whole body feels — right. And that’s how I feel every day about my writing, first and foremost and about my editing and other work. Really.

It’s a wonderfully empowering thing to do what we love and one I do not take for granted, just as we can’t take anything in life for granted — I have had my lessons in that too. But what I do know is,  that right now this is exactly where I am supposed to be and exactly what I am supposed to be doing. Full stop. And I will not deviate from that path. I see the path ahead and at times no it will not be easy. But so long as I can write, regardless of the outcome, I know I will always have a way to be happy.

What about you?

Sometimes I still glance at the mission statement I wrote for myself. There is a shorter and a longer version. The shorter version reads — Changing the world, one word at a time.

Does it sound pretentious? Probably. But do I mean it? Definitely. I had another message today on my Facebook page from someone who wanted to tell me how much he loved my book. I don’t know him but I was thrilled. Perhaps it’s in those moments we see the dream, the mission realised?

We can make a difference to how someone thinks, that is my mission. We can make people see the world differently, that is my mission. We can live the dream. I am there, although the bestseller sign isn’t flashing … yet.

However you measure success and for whatever reason you write (or for that matter do anything that matters to YOU), do with passion and belief and LOVE. It’s not about the money. Measure success in every small step you take and whatever you dream, believe in it.

I know why I write and I know I will never stop.

Do you?


For all of December While No One Was Watching is in Kindle for 99p! Please share!

For all of December While No One Was Watching is in Kindle for 99p! Please share! LINK Tell the world! Or how else I gonna change it? See?


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