It’s really about the writing

A Writer’s Life for Me


As you will know I have covered many subjects here from the nitty-gritty of writing technique to publishing, reading, MAs, books, authors etc, etc. And a few things about something different.

Lately it seems like a bit of an ego trip (sorry!) shouting about my novel but it’s proof that getting it published might be the hard part but writers also have to sell books, especially with the smaller presses.

When I met Sarah Banham last week before the Saint FM interview she asked me what I wanted from this book and perhaps somewhat flippantly I told her ‘I want it to be a bestseller.’ I think it took her aback and maybe me too! At the end of the day it’s about being the best writer I can be and it has always been about the writing. I wanted this book to be recognised as worthy of publication and then my hope is people will get it and love it — so far so good.

But very few become bestsellers!

So does it have to be one? Well it would be nice. And I hope somehow it does spread beyond my family and friends and reach a much wider audience but I guess we have to wait and see. I will use The Secret and imagine it does make it. And weirdly to some it’s not a focus on getting rich (I honestly don’t care about that) it’s about the book being read far and wide, at airports and on trains. Really I just want my characters to meet as many people as possible. Is that weird, maybe but hey, that’s how I feel.

Sales so far have not been  bad for a small press but now it’s about getting that message further. So I appreciate all those who have helped with that and written those great reviews.

What I mustn’t do is get hung up on it not being a bestseller! I was thinking that last night. Very few books are so we need to focus on what this is really about, good writing, total immersion in  process and loving it. And I do. The success can be measured in many ways and I feel successful for sure.

I kind of feel guilty with all the book things like last week that the emphasis was more on talking about me and my work and less on the writing, but then I realised that is part of the job too and a long time coming so perhaps no apology should be made for indulging in that, for a while?

This week is more normal with writing and working, lots of editing and critiquing this side and the other side of Christmas all lined up, which feels great. So off I go.

I will return to more blogging about writing technique as well … I think we need more of that again as I knuckle down and just write! I still might publish an eBook about writing … pondering it at the moment.

But egotist that I am I will share the piece in this month’s Writing Magazine for those who might have missed it!

Oh and the paperback is on offer on Amazon this week and the Kindle version is 99p! Do get it while it’s HOT!


PS I have had lots of lovely writers on my blog, so I hope to be on some of their blogs soon! Anyone else want me on, send me some questions!

The Writing Magazine, January 2014, Members' News Section

The Writing Magazine, January 2014, Members’ News Section

Good being a writer, in it?


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  1. Hey, you deserve to indulge in the glow of your fabulous new book so don’t apologize, you made this happen Debz! And cool, I haven’t opened my January issue of WM yet but now I will have to stick my nose in. It is somehow very exciting to see and hear people I know in the media!

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