Skewed sense of reality

Back in Wales

Debz and Book

Oh God it’s that writer person again!

A short post this morning as I find myself amid all sorts of admin things to catch up with after returning from my Essex trip, and need to clear the decks for 2 weeks of lots of writing and lots of work and promo stuff too! Exciting!

It seems slightly surreal that this time last week I was preparing for the Canvey launch event, and that it was only last week Mum and I were in the lovely city of Bath. So much seems to be happening! But some of it seems like ages ago!

It’s like when you come back from a holiday and it seems like another lifetime!

Odd being in the house without the pooch, but cats very happy! Lots of snuggles!

I will finally sort the photos of the launch and do a gallery of photos and maybe even a short video clip next week!

Also only 2 weeks until the WILD N FREE TOO launch party in London! All welcome, will do a poster and share here next week as well (need to create more time to get it all done!)

Mission for next 12 months — (waking thought this morning) get I Am Wolf and Isle of Pelicans submitted and find me an agent. You heard it here first! And a bestseller would be nice (a girl has to have a dream, doesn’t she?)

So will wish you all a great weekend!

Come along and please share if in North Wales!

Come along and please share if in North Wales!



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