What a weekend!

I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to all those wonderful people who came along to our special launch event on Friday!

I will be sharing photos during the course of this week.  There was something really magical about holding it at a church (the one I was christened in no less!).

It felt like Christmas all day.

And when I read the review of the book in the local Echo it felt even more like Christmas day! A great review! Phew!

Echo Review 22 Nov 2013

Hair appointment in the morning and then Richard from Parthian Books arrived and came to the folks’ house. It did seem rather surreal that he, Dad and Rosie went for a walk to explore Canvey seafront while I was having my nails done. When he came back he sure knew a hell of a lot more about me than he did before! Thanks Dad!

After a light tea it was time to get ready and don another of my launch dresses. I was excited, not nervous in the least!

Lisa from The Book Inn Bookshop in Leigh was great and was there to sell copies that I signed before and after the main event itself!

I think it really worked showing the book trailer on to the huge white wall at the front of the church so it looked large right over our heads and was very well received. I will be publishing that to YouTube next week! So you will all get to see my efforts!

Then it was lovely that David Tudor, the reverend, also known as Father David Tudor, said a few words about where he was when Kennedy was assassinated and how he was at Arlington Cemetery 6 weeks before and saw Kennedy’s grave and the eternal flame that burns there. It was a very poignant thing he said about moments in time and remembering.

Then it was onto the interview with Richard and the readings and once again the African-American accent was well received!

I really enjoyed it and want to do it all again! And again!

I saw so many people there and was given flowers and champers and wine! I was amazed and grateful for the wonderful reaction I had. Also a few surprises in there, one of my clients who I’ve worked with for at least a couple of years but had never met came all the way from London! How wonderful and a shame we didn’t get to chat for longer!

Thanks everyone!

It was a wonderful evening.

I will share some of the photos friends posted on FB (thanks Paula!) and hopefully post some of the others, maybe even a short video clip from Dad as the week goes on.

I was also signing at The Book Inn the following day and have a photo of that as well.

I am attempting to try to work normally today, tomorrow I am at the library talking to the writing group and then will be on the local radio station Saint FM in the evening!

It’s a busy but truly wonderful writer’s life, but today I am itching to WRITE!

I also want to thank everyone who sent me a Where Were You? memory. I posted my favourite 3 and awarded a free signed copy to Ray for his very poignant account of that day. So a signed copy of While No One Was Watching will be on its way to the US at the end of the week! Very touching account, thank you, Ray 🙂 Read again here: https://wordznerd.wordpress.com/2013/11/22/22nd-november-1963-where-were-you/

Have a great week all!

Book Trailer

Book Trailer





Signing at The Book Inn

Signing at The Book Inn

So am I real writer now?


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