Get ready!

It’s all happening and so I must once again make this short and sweet so I can still manage some writing this morning.

Heading off to the BBC studios later to record an interview for BBC Radio Wales, Roy Noble Show that will air on Sunday morning! I will send the link.

Then meeting a friend for a bite as will be off to Essex tomorrow afternoon.

But I also managed to catch up with the lovely ladies at Bangor Library yesterday afternoon and we have arranged an Author Q&A with readings and books for sale and signing on Friday December 6th, 7.30. Poster will follow as soon as I have it! So those who missed the Bangor launch or want to hear me read again (really? Well if you do!) then that’s where I’ll be!

That’s it, I have an appointment with a feral child, lots of writing to do!

I am still also jumping after seeing that Barry Manilow, Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams were all on stage together for Children in Need that was recorded last night and my friend was there! Oh now I would like to have seen that! Maybe they’d like to buy my book (he he!)

A little writing tip for you!

A little writing tip for you!


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