There’s a buzz …


There’s a buzz in the air.

There’s a holidays are coming feeling but it’s only November.

This time next week I will be getting ready to go to the wonderful city of Bath with my mum for a tea party and then I will be talking with some lovely writers in my workshop on writing psychological thrillers! I have been preparing some basic notes but the hope is it will nice and interactive.

We return on the Thursday, the eve of the BIG day, the anniversary when I will have the Essex launch and that for me is Christmas. I am so excited about it all I can not tell you. Lots of bookish things are happening. And yesterday I had a nice long chat to a local news reporter about the novel, about Kennedy and research, we also talked about American civil rights and the Hollywood movie guy who wanted a copy of my novel (none other than Sean Stone, son of Oliver Stone no less!).  Should be in the paper next week.

So this buzz is now trembling my fingers and jittering my insides — in the nicest possible way of course!

Still waiting on more reviews so I hope they’re good ‘uns!

And I was thrilled to get off the phone from the reporter to find an email that the eBook with the winning stories from the Bath Short  Story Award has now be released! Yay! It is a busy ol’ time for me!

So think I will leave it there as I have to work some more on the I Am Wolf rework before I pop into town for last minutes things before my trip!

Have a wonderful day!

And don’t forget the memories of the Kennedy assassination for my blog:



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