Where were you?

Can you send something (less than 1000 words, can be as short as you wish) about where you were the day you heard that Kennedy had been assassinated?

Or, if like me, you weren’t born, what someone else has told you?

What was happening at the same time in your or their lives?

How did the news affect you and those around you?

I want something that captures the time, the emotion, the shock and I will select 4 to be posted here on the 50th anniversary, November 22nd 2013 throughout the day.

The one that I like the most, perhaps the most poignant, sad, funny even, will be selected to receive a free signed copy of While No One Was Watching.

Please email me your entry as a Word doc to writer@debzhobbs-wyatt.co.uk before midnight November 20th.

And please do pass this on …



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