Waiting for Reviews, dreaming of Hollywood …

I will keep the post short and sweet this morning as I have work to do but so far comments have been good about the novel — phew! And my mum claims she can’t put it down! Now we might question the validity of a parental opinion but she promises me she would love it whoever wrote it and she seems to have fallen in love with Lydia as I hope everyone else will and was saying who she thinks should play the characters in the Hollywood movie! Big phew.

As I said yesterday it’s hard waiting on reviews as this book was so long in the making in terms of developing my writing and unlike the critique on a work in progress, this is a done deal! I can’t change the story now, but know what? I don’t want to!

I am a proud momma sending her baby out into the world and hoping you all take good care of my characters, that’s the only way I can put it!

The official release day is Friday when Amazon orders will be sent out and I have invited some special friends for lunch to mark the day, friends instrumental in supporting me. But the Kindle version is available now! There is an error on the Amazon page that lists me as Debz Hobbes-Wyatt with the extra e, it’s only on the page but will add me to your Kindle reading lists with the e. Otherwise the book itself is 100% correct. That glitch should be fixed today I hope. So wait if you want or download away! And please tell everyone you know!

I will finish with the link to the Parthian website for those who haven’t seen it — me!


Looking forward to tonight’s showcase as well! I am channelling Lydia’s African American accent ready for another airing later!


Oh and on the Hollywood note — we think Oprah Winfrey should play Lydia in the film! Mum thinks Tom Hanks as the reporter although he is supposed to be in this 30s but I agree he would be great!

Dream on …

A girl’s gotta dream!


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