Doing it for the animals … again

I will keep the post short and simple this morning.

I have pleasure in revealing the eye-catching cover for the new Wild n Free book written and illustrated by children — royalties to Born Free!

Put this one on the list for Christmas. The eBook will be out soon too!

What I love is how the children really got into the heads of the animals and were able to show something very important — that animals belong in the wild. But what was hi lighted in a great number of the stories is how we as humans, by our actions, have reduced the landscape and environment suitable for animals and created a need for sanctuaries.

As well as the 36 stories we also have illustrations by the  children and Paws for Thought discussion points to encourage children and their parents/teachers to discuss important issues about animals and to look up more information about some of the more unusual animals featured.

Here’s the blurb …

Ever wondered what it feels like to be a lion on the plains of Africa or a wild horse who can run all the way to the sun? How about an African Skimmer who can’t fly or an elephant made to perform on the streets in Bangkok? Well look no further – we have everything from fearless tigers to peerless pandas to wiggly worms. Read how all of these animals cope with the many dangers they must face to survive. What does it really mean to be free? And what happens if someone takes that away? All the stories are written and illustrated by children.

And here’s the cover by Ellie Fullwood aged 12!

Pre-order me here. Out Nov 1st LINK

Pre-order me here. Out Nov 1st LINK

That’s it for now folks!



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