Things that make me squeal …

Well George Clooney standing at my door would be one.

A phone call from Barry Manilow saying he wants to come to my book launch would be another.

A personal email from Jon Bon Jovi … ?  I think you get the message.

But  the things that have really made me squeak this year have been very much literary-inspired and what a year’s it’s been. So far.

While pennies only trickle in at the moment, I still found myself standing with a credit card in hand and doing something I hardly ever do — buying more clothes. It’s all very well I have the launch outfits but I seem to be being asked to talk to writing groups, in libraries, a workshop etc and this is a girl who hasn’t been able to buy new clothes for ages. So I did it. It’s all about the image — apparently!

And now I keep poking my head around the spare room door and looking at the clothes and thinking — Oh my God this is really happening. Isn’t it!

I also feel as if I am beginning to swept along with so many projects all coming together at the same time I wonder what way to turn. And I have to work and write as well. But I also feel I need to slow it down, stand still long enough to really appreciate it. It. Is. Really. Happening.

I made a book trailer yesterday to accompany the While No One Was Watching song that will be played for the first time at next week’s North Wales launch and then it can be put on YouTube. Of course I will share it.

So, all I can say is “Yeah!” and do a squeal and oh yeah — I’m still dancing!

Are you?

Dance with me and celebrate all your successes!

Oh yeah, Baby!

Oh yeah, Baby!


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One response to “Things that make me squeal …

  1. Wonderful! Never stop enjoying your life – it will lead to big things. 🙂

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