We all learn every day …

I have signed up for a free online course on storytelling and narrative.

Some might say when you have your MA and work in that field you don’t need these things. But trust me, learning is a continual process and as a writer I don’t think you ever stop learning. For the same reason I often return to text books I like and remind myself, or buy new books and find new and interesting ways to say the same thing. And you always learn something new.

I love to learn and I think we all need that kind of drive to find success.

I think that’s it for today — a short and sweet message from this writer itching to write.

So have a great weekend and I have an In The Spotlight next week — at last!




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One response to “We all learn every day …

  1. Hi Debz, you’re right. I’m doing an online course with Sally Quillford. Makes me realise I don’t get enough conflict into my work. Perhaps I’m avoiding it. I have been told that before, but we must learn from what people tell us. Not to mention head hopping, which you’ve mentioned once or twice:)

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